Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Evening Amy,

Early start today, and not because of lectures.... We have to have a fire alarm test every Wednesday at 8.45am for the next year, fantastic. But otherwise it was a good day consisting of one lecture (I knew everything the lecturer was saying so I kinda fell asleep...oops) and Frisbee.

The taster session for Ultimate Frisbee was a laugh, I got to practice with the President of the Team and learn some new stuff before a small, indoor sized proper game, in which I scored a very fancy goal, don't mean to brag....I'm joking, I just caught the Frisbee....
The evening also started early, but meeting some team members was kinda inspiring and "Earning My Stripes" was good. Basically, to earn a Stripe, you had to challenge a current member of the team to either down a pint, or some other game. The famous game was the "Three Pint Challenge" where you fill a flipped over Frisbee with three pints and drink it all through a straw. After seeing the first guy attempt it and nearly throw everything back up, I decided to stay away from that particular game...

Oh and when I got back, the fire alarm went off...yes, two alarms in one day. Some drunkard must have tripped the alarm but I felt really bad for the friend in my corridor who was showering at the time of the alarm. She had to walk outside in the cold with wet hair and a towel the poor thing. Eventually we were allowed back inside after considering walking over to our friends in another accommodation building.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you this weekend, hope your train ride is alright.



P.S. As a corridor, we have fallen into the habbit of buying cheap, almost out of date bread, so please don't expect any of my fancy cooking when you're over...being a student is so...luxurious isn't a word I'd use...



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