Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lectures and a Party on The Pier

Dear Jimbo,

In response to your post- totally understand the book issue! I'm having to keep track of e books and e journals online as well as a crazy amount of back breaking books. I'm planning on selling them to next years freshers and making myself a small fortune *wink face.*

I had my first lecture this morning which was incredibly interesting, although, guess what- WE HAD TO TALK ABOUT MATHS. I was certain I had picked one the least mathematical and logical subjects and there I am in my first lecture talking equations. I cry. But I enjoyed it a lot. Part of my course is spending a few hours a week 'sitting and thinking.' This can be mulling over lectures or just thinking about the wider world. Kind of like a real Philosopher! Thinking about the latest MAC collection and what I'm going to wear to tonight's party totally counts as thinking about the wider world, right?

Speaking of tonight- its the Pier Party. Three of my favourite things (dancing, roller coasters and food) all rolled into one awesome event. Imagine me tonight with a cider in one hand a pier doughnut in the other queuing for my favourite ride on the The Pier 'The Waltzer' and you have a pretty accurate image of me tonight!

I had to include this photo of (L-R) Louisa, me and Ben on the Waltzer! Summer 2010 baby!

I hope you had a good day and have lots of partying or at least drinking planned for tonight. If not, I found myself rather enjoying a night in with youtube and tea last night. Old before my time, me!

Missing you more,

Amy x

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