Friday, 21 September 2012

Being A Student Has It's Perks


Guess what? Your boyfriend is going to be the next Kiteboarding/Archery/some other sport I signed up to, Olympic Champion....I'm joking obviously I don't have time to train but I have signed up to those sports, along with Ultimate Frisbee of course.

So today was the Sports Fair and after being shouted at by a lot of people to sign up, I ended up caving and joining a few. I was tempted by rowing but I'd prefer Frisbee as I have no idea how I'm going to handle my time around lectures anyway.
Tonight I'm going to a bar to meet with the Frisbee team and other Frisbee-ers (yes that's a word now) and I'm going on my wish me luck, you know I don't really do being on my own with new people.

Oh yeah last night I got a free Nando's! Last night, I was still hungry after my meal so I was happily finishing off my room mates food (with their permission of course) and the waiter came up to us saying we had ordered a plate more. After getting the manager and asking the whole restaurant and no one claiming the food I said "If it's going I'll take it", he willingly passed the plate over to me and even refilled my drink! We felt we had to tip heavily before we left for one of the most amazing places I've ever been. It was basically a restaurant for beer! You may have seen the photo of the "Beer Bible". Basically over twenty pages of beers. There were so many beers for reasonable prices at quite strong content (I saw one for 13%). We then went home to play poker into the early hours of the morning.

Thank you for tagging my posts, I actually don't really know how to and I don't want to break anything...




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