Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Liebster Award

Dear Readers,

The lovely Devon from Devon Elizabeth tagged Jimbo and I for the 'Liebster Award.' So firstly, Thank you Devon! We are each going to answer the questions and give 11 facts about ourselves individually so you can hear both our opinions/facts and then tag some more people! 

The Liebster Award: A fun way for blogs with 200 or less followers to spread to word about other smaller blogs, helping them to gain more readers and followers. Upon receiving the award, post 11 random facts about yourself, and answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you. Nominate up to 11 blogs of your choice (making sure to tell them that you nominated them!) and have them answer 11 questions of your own. You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you.


11 Random Facts
1. I can whistle through my nose.
2. I can do the worm and I like to crack it out as a dance move when intoxicated.
3. I drink more tea than is healthy.
4. I live in an imaginary world in my head and when I return to reality it hits me like a train on a track
5. Sometimes I don't feel like I belong in this era. I'd be much more suited to the 1920s or the 1880s.
6. I like gore.
7. I like cats more than is sane.
8. Nothing angers me more than animal abuse.
9. I like M&Ms. In this order: Crispy, Peanut and then Chocolate. If you please.
10. I had a third nipple, it was removed.
11. I have no common sense.

Question Answers:
1.What personal achievement are you most proud of yourself for? 
I would have to say either getting into university or surviving my first 3 years of high school.
2.Where is the most enchanting place you have ever traveled to? 

I have two answers, everyone who knows me knows Paris is my favourite place on the planet, But I've never felt more serene than I did when I was relaxing on a sand dune in Cornwall, in the blazing sun.
3.How would you describe your attitude towards fashion trends? 

I follow them, but don't always get inolved with them personally.
4.Do you read much? If no, why not? If yes, what do you like to read most? 

Yes, I always, always have a book on the go. I read anything from fiction to classics to short stories. I'm a book nerd.
5.How do your lifetime goals now differ from when you were younger? 

When I was younger I was an avid horse rider. I used to enter competitions and it was my goal to become a jokey. Now, as a rule, I disagree with the horse races as a sport based on how the race horses are treated. Oh and I'm not sure what I want to 'be' when I 'grow up.'
6.Who, or what, has had the most significant effect on your life so far?

Probably either my Mum or Jimbo (co writer and boyfriend!) as they both helped me through tough times and I wouldn't be as independant as I am now without them.
7.What is your favourite thing to do when you have some free time? 

Blog, read blogs or read books. I also enjoy cheesy american tv series (I'm looking at you Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries!)
8.Are you confident, or do you tend to hide behind others? 

There was a time when I would have chosen the latter, but I'm definitely coming out of my shell. I wouldn't say 'confident' yet, though.
9.What item of make-up is absolutely essential to your daily routine? 

Lipbalm! I constantly have lipbalm on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
10.Is there any event or occasion coming up that you cannot wait for? 

This coming Thursday I'm seeing my family and I can't wait.
11.Is there anything in the near future that you are absolutely dreading? 

I'm having my tonsils out in December, really close to Christmas. Its bitter sweet because I desperately need them out, but its still a scary operation!


11 Random Facts

1. I study Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Kent
2. I am on the Kent Ultimate Frisbee team
3. I seem to like video games way too much…
4. I don’t like spending money, but when I do it’s usually way over what I planned to spend…damn River Island…
5. I do a lot of Origami…especially when I’m supposed to be listening to something in class
6. I have an unhealthy obsession with pirates…and stars…and bread.
7. I too like cats way too much…so much so I actually really like to be scratched behind the ear…
8. How I would love some sort of Mustang in the future, be in a 1969 model or a new Shelby, I want one.
9. I ask “Why?” way too much for a Physicist…
10. I try to imagine myself and Jamie Oliver when I’m in the kitchen…
11. People with absolutely no common sense really get on my nerves…Ironically

Question Answers:

1. What personal achievement are you most proud of yourself for?
I’m not really sure, not a huge achiever to be honest. I more like to live in the moment and not set too many goals. I’m proud of getting into Kent, joining the Frisbee Team and stuff like that.
2. Where is the most enchanting place you have ever travelled to?
Probably anywhere I went skiing…at sunset. 
3. How would you describe your attitude towards fashion trends?
I try to stay away from anything too mainstream, try to have my own style of “pirate” but modern day…weird I know.
4. Do you read much? If no, why not? If yes, what do you like to read most?
I used to read most nights, but I’ve been lazy since Uni or too tired/drunk. Currently reading A Song of Ice and Fire and enjoying the series a lot.
5. How do your lifetime goals now differ from when you were younger?
I don’t really know what my lifetime goals were when I was younger. Getting into University was one goal but as I said earlier I’m more of a “now” person…
6. Who, or what, has had the most significant effect on your life so far?
My friends and girlfriend. Without them I doubt I’d be the person I am today, probably be overweight and sat at home never going out.
7. What is your favourite thing to do when you have some free time?
Depends on the mood really. I sometimes just want to play video games on my own, sometimes with friends, but with Frisbee now in my life I do like a good chuck about or going to training.
8. Are you confident, or do you tend to hide behind others?
Before University I was very shy, hid behind my close friends and found it hard to make new ones. But since I’ve started at Kent I feel slightly more confident and outgoing.
9. What item of make-up is absolutely essential to your daily routine?
I’m going to say hair straighteners as make-up doesn’t totally apply to me…
10. Is there any event or occasion coming up that you cannot wait for?
Christmas. Proper food and being home for a month with mates, what could be better? Before that though I do have a laid back Frisbee tournament where we dress up (hopefully as pirates) and play.
11. Is there anything in the near future that you are absolutely dreading?
Any sort of major work or exam. “Why’d you go to Uni then Jimbo?!” Good question…

Our Questions For Our Nominees:
1. Who or what encouraged you to start a blog?
2. What are your ambitions for the future?
3. What three words would you use to describe yourself?
4. Recommend me a book, film, song or tv series you are loving at the moment!
5. Whats one item currently on your wishlist?
6. What is one quality you wish you had?
7. What is the last thing you think about before you sleep?
8. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
9. Favourite treat?
10. What picks you up when you feel down?
11. Did you enjoy these questions?

We Nominate:

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Whiskey and Astrotography

Dear Amy

So I've discovered something in the past two weeks. I am heavily susceptible to whiskey...I don't know why but it just has a bad effect on me (such as forgetting two/three hours of your life)...but hey, that's not going to stop me drinking it.

Tonight, Canterbury surprisingly had clear skies so having waited a few weeks for this, I grabbed my tripod and camera to try my hand at Astrotography (which is totally a word even if there is a funny red line under it...). I'm happy with one or two photos but the stars weren't very giving even at 1am but I made the most of it for my first shot at it (see what I did there....?)

Bare in mind these are unedited and my first ever try at photos of stars, and undoubtedly Blogger is going to make them look all low-res. Also a 30 second limit on open shutter time is way too short for anything fancy and it was freeeeezing!

I tried getting some constellations like Orion or Cassiopeia but they were really awkward to get what with light pollution and buildings (Orion was behind the building in the bottom photo).

Looking forward to seeing you at Hammertime, hopefully there will be a team of Pirates....




Where Did October Go?

Dear Jimbo,

Where did October go? Seriously? Its only a few days ago we were nervously refreshing UCAS to see if we'd got into uni, wasn't it?!

In other news, Brighton has decided to stop being Autumn, and get into Winter. Its SO cold. I had to borrow a friends scarf to walk to the bus stop because I was too cold to walk 40m home to get my own. But it was SO SO COLD. I'm definitely a Summer baby, dreaming of Summer 2k13 y'all!

The students are out in full force tonight, what with it being Saturday before Halloween. I've been ignoring the door bell all night due to the ridiculous amount of drunken knock down Ginger games being played. Leave me to my essays, you people with time to have fun!

Next week should be good though, as of tomorrow I have a frisbee tourno, seeing my Gran, seeing my parents, seeing my friend play in a band at our local 'super' club 'Coalition' and apparently attending a Halloween party! Noice.

What are you up to? Update me here!

Missing you,

Amy x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It's Going To Be A Long Year...


I was actually looking forward to today's lectures. I was starting my Astrophysics module today and you know how much I like stars and everything to do with them....Yeah, well to be honest I was quite disappointed with the two hours of "astrophysics" I had in the lecture theatres...
I don't want to sound racist so I'll be brief. My lecturer is foreign. Now I don't mind a foreign lecturer (I think my maths one is German or something) but if I can't understand nine out of ten words she says then I don't see why I should be being taught one of my favourite subjects by her.... I'm not being racist and my class mates agree, I can not learn new, complicated space stuff from someone who puts "ah" on the end of every word and literally changes vowels around in their words (for example "ahquosian" for "equation")...
This year is going to be a long one....

Sorry for having a rant, just wanted to get it off my chest. In other news, MORE FRISBEE TOMORROW, and Thursday and the weekend where I get to see you (and maybe whoop Sussex in the process...kidding, fat chance right? Plus it's indoors...)

Anyway, see you soon.




Monday, 15 October 2012


Dear Jimbo,

Sometimes I love it here

Sometimes it stresses me out

Sometimes I think it might be home

Sometimes I miss real home

Sometimes I have too much work

Sometimes I make mistakes

Sometimes I make good decisions

Sometimes I feel grown up

Sometimes I get really drunk

Sometimes I act a little bit immature

Sometimes I spend money when I shouldn't do

Sometimes I don't want to be independent

Sometimes I do

But I always look forward to seeing you next.

Love Amy x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Discovering Memes

Dear Jimbo,

A pretty irrelevant post here, but I just discovered a University of Sussex Memes Page on Facebook. They are so relevant and funny I have to share them seeings as I have nothing to report other than: Spoke Italian, did some Philosophical thinking and went to the gym....

For some reason although our lectures are timetabled for an hour, we always end up leaving at ten to...
The Co-Op on campus is notorious for raising its prices by about 50p per item and at least £2 per alcoholic beverage in comparison to every other Co Op, everywhere. Its so expensive it makes me want to cry.
The above is me, everyday. We have a bike lane running through out campus and I always walk in it to avoid  the throngs of students who walk.... So...... Slowly.... And.... Seem..... To...... Have..... All..... The..... Time..... In.... The..... World.....
So I went on the Ski Social, regardless of the fact I'm not a member of Sussex Snow. I'm now the proud owner of a Sussex Snow T shirt, two Sussex Snow condoms and three Sussex Snow stickers. I've also been invited to the Big Band social tomorrow night. Whether I go or not depends on how guilty I feel at gate crashing another social I don't actually belong too....

I hope you enjoyed this short, sweet post.

Missing you,

Amy x

I Feel Broken...

Dear Amy

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, still busy getting into routine and stuff but I'll try write more often when it's all settled...

Don't worry too much about the title of this post, I'll get to that but in the mean time I'm fine....sort of. So my parents popped over this weekend and took me out for lunch, it was so good to have a proper meaty meal for once, and having a hot chocolate fudge brownie just polished me off for the day....but you know me, I got hungry a couple hours after of course...
Otherwise it was a quiet weekend, one flatmate went to London for a few days for his birthday, and the rest of us avoided spending a lot of money for one. I know, amazing right? We just "borrowed" kitchens and cooked "our food" because why not...?

Then Monday evening came...I went to my first session of Parkour (Free-running) and the drills at the start and end of the 2 hour session just destroyed me. After three days of Ultimate Frisbee, more running wasn't really on my to-do list...but it was still a laugh. I learned to vault and kind of roll...and almost, almost did a back flip...soon.

Anyway enough pain, I am now to proud owner of a Kent University Ultimate Frisbee Kit! I feel so pro...

They only had the number 46 in my size left which is slightly annoying, I wanted a more fancy number but hey...I am actually wearing the shorts as I type, they're surprisingly comfy.

Speaking of Frisbee, I think there is an Indoor tournament coming up for Freshers on the 20th called SICKO, it's based in Sussex so I may see you there? (Just be warned the KO stands for Kent Owns obviously...)

I'm going to go attempt cook dinner in my pathetic microwave...oh first world problems...




Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pictures and Postcards

Dear Jimbo,

Since I left Kent after our visit on Sunday a multitude of things have happened. I had a nightmare journey, received my first assessment, had Steph round to stay and watched The Perks Of Being a Wallflower.

Perhaps I should back up a bit, so I left yours and got the train to Ashford, where, I was told 'all trains to Brighton cancelled.' From Ashford I had to wait an hour to get a replacement coach to Hastings, all would have been well, however the replacement bus service BROKE DOWN. Yes, really. The electrics had failed, trapping 30 annoyed and tired people in one bus. Chaos, just about, covers it. Regardless, I remained composed. 15ish minutes later we were back on the road, in a very jerking 'I'm about to explode' manner. This new mode of forward jerking transport rendered me retching into an empty plastic bag. Dignity? Where are you?! 

To top off this start to the week, I received my first assessment. Excuse me whilst I rock in the corner. Its in for Monday and I have to say copious amounts of reading and library visits aren't getting me as far into the essay as I would have liked. Stress levels: DANGER.

To ease the stress, Steph came to visit. It was a fabulous two days (ish) and we went clubbing and danced the night away, saw The Perks of Being A Wallflower and went to a student lock in. More on that here. 

Back to the big news: THE PERKS. As we both know, I'm in love with the book and have been for years. I was waiting for the film to come out since I heard about it pre-production (fan girl alert!) and let me tell you, it wasn't disappointing. As Steph pointed out- I cried throughout the last half of the film, continually (that is at least 50 minutes of crying, noisily, wetly) in fact, I cried so much I couldn't even eat my Peanut M&Ms! Shock horror. Basically you need to see it. Preferably with me, because I need to see it again.

To end this post, I thought I would let you know you have a Brighton postcard winging its way to Kent!

I love you always,

Amy x