Saturday, 27 October 2012

Where Did October Go?

Dear Jimbo,

Where did October go? Seriously? Its only a few days ago we were nervously refreshing UCAS to see if we'd got into uni, wasn't it?!

In other news, Brighton has decided to stop being Autumn, and get into Winter. Its SO cold. I had to borrow a friends scarf to walk to the bus stop because I was too cold to walk 40m home to get my own. But it was SO SO COLD. I'm definitely a Summer baby, dreaming of Summer 2k13 y'all!

The students are out in full force tonight, what with it being Saturday before Halloween. I've been ignoring the door bell all night due to the ridiculous amount of drunken knock down Ginger games being played. Leave me to my essays, you people with time to have fun!

Next week should be good though, as of tomorrow I have a frisbee tourno, seeing my Gran, seeing my parents, seeing my friend play in a band at our local 'super' club 'Coalition' and apparently attending a Halloween party! Noice.

What are you up to? Update me here!

Missing you,

Amy x

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