Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pictures and Postcards

Dear Jimbo,

Since I left Kent after our visit on Sunday a multitude of things have happened. I had a nightmare journey, received my first assessment, had Steph round to stay and watched The Perks Of Being a Wallflower.

Perhaps I should back up a bit, so I left yours and got the train to Ashford, where, I was told 'all trains to Brighton cancelled.' From Ashford I had to wait an hour to get a replacement coach to Hastings, all would have been well, however the replacement bus service BROKE DOWN. Yes, really. The electrics had failed, trapping 30 annoyed and tired people in one bus. Chaos, just about, covers it. Regardless, I remained composed. 15ish minutes later we were back on the road, in a very jerking 'I'm about to explode' manner. This new mode of forward jerking transport rendered me retching into an empty plastic bag. Dignity? Where are you?! 

To top off this start to the week, I received my first assessment. Excuse me whilst I rock in the corner. Its in for Monday and I have to say copious amounts of reading and library visits aren't getting me as far into the essay as I would have liked. Stress levels: DANGER.

To ease the stress, Steph came to visit. It was a fabulous two days (ish) and we went clubbing and danced the night away, saw The Perks of Being A Wallflower and went to a student lock in. More on that here. 

Back to the big news: THE PERKS. As we both know, I'm in love with the book and have been for years. I was waiting for the film to come out since I heard about it pre-production (fan girl alert!) and let me tell you, it wasn't disappointing. As Steph pointed out- I cried throughout the last half of the film, continually (that is at least 50 minutes of crying, noisily, wetly) in fact, I cried so much I couldn't even eat my Peanut M&Ms! Shock horror. Basically you need to see it. Preferably with me, because I need to see it again.

To end this post, I thought I would let you know you have a Brighton postcard winging its way to Kent!

I love you always,

Amy x

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