Sunday, 2 December 2012

You Don't Need 7's To Have A Team In Frisbee...


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, apparently uni life isn't that exciting sometimes...Plus I've had to do lab reports and actual degree stuff for some reason...

Yesterday, Frisbee training was brilliant. There may have only been 8 of us but that somehow made it such a laugh. First we did Hot Box, no drugs involved I swear, I believe it's a similar sort of thing to what you've done with the Mohawks. Basically, a tiny "End Zone" is set up, less than a metre squared in which points can only be scored. Surprisingly, it was challenging even with 3 vs 3 but it seemed to take into effect everything you would use in a normal game, especially finding space.
We then moved on to "The Drill from Hell" and this may sound simple, but it definitely deserves it's name. Three throwers with 2 discs would throw one at a time at a single player a few metres away giving a bit of challenge in each throw, be it to either side or above and below the player. The discs were thrown continuously for a minute and it almost killed me, especially since you have to concentrate on both throwing back each disc and where the next one is coming from.
After  a break we did stage one of Kung Fu Throwing. This is a very good exercise to work on throwing and accuracy, being paired up with the captain scared me a little because my accuracy is terrible and I have a terrible habit when throwing backhands that when trying to get rid of proves quite difficult and ends up in pathetic throws.
A small 4 vs 4 game was then set up which we somehow won with 11 points to 10 after conceding 7 points to our 1 at first... (During which I....well I don't really know how to say this but you'll understand...I had "Big D" at one point)

Anyway apparently our kitchen downstairs got trashed last night so I don't really know what I'm doing for dinner....Hungry Jimbo is a grumpy Jimbo....

Two weeks till Christmas break, I can't wait.