Friday, 21 September 2012

...But it doesn't

Dear Jimbo,

I get a little excited feeling when you write, paha. Lame girlfriend. I thought I would write in response to your blog post 'Being a Student has its perks' as well as telling you about last night and today.

Lets start off the 'perks' thing. Not going to lie, being a student has made me poor and being poor has had me stingy. Example: today I had an interview (totally got the job!), followed by two hard core lectures (more on these later!) and this, its fair to say that hungover, tired Amy had become some kind of hardcore mess. I needed a bath. It was the only thing that was going to fix the alcohol and sleep deprived state I was in. However, I had forgotten bubble bath. Woe is me. Being a stingy student (as a fore mentioned) I didn't want to pay for a bubble bath, but I also find baths minus bubbles a bit exposing.

However, I got my student brain in gear and decided to use washing up liquid, Sainsbury's finest, in a lemon variety. Its safe to say I enjoyed a very bubble (really, really bubbly) bath and left it smelling lemony fresh. My flat mates find this quite funny, but I'm already planning on buying a different scent next time I need washing up liquid. Variety is the spice of life....

Anyway, perhaps I should tell you about last night and explain why I needed this bath in the first place. It as pier party night. The night where Sussex Freshers invade Brightons Pier, rife with alcohol and armed with a free ride token and side show. Unfortunately, before even arriving at the pier, I lost a rather classy drinking game called 'blow me.' Yes, really. Where a group of people sit around a glass with a pack of cards balanced on top. Each person takes it in turns to blow as few cards off the pile and the person how has the misfortune to blow the last card off, has to drink whatever was in the glass beneath. That person was me, and that glass was a wine glass of vodka. Straight vodka.

Regardless, I kept all the vodka in my belly and went on two of the fast rides on the pier. Vomiting avoided (and death, which I was convinced at the time was an entirely real possibility) I was unable to stop the impending hangover I endured this morning. It was deserved.

My lectures were really interesting, mind you. I'm going to leave you with this little problem we tried to solve today:

'If Pinocchio says 'my nose is going to grow now' then he is lying because he couldn't possibly grow his nose unless he lied. This makes this a lie and subsequently, his nose will grow. However, because his nose grew when he lied, then he must be telling the truth because his nose did grow.'

Are you confused?

I love you,
Amy x

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