Thursday, 20 September 2012

Poker, Parkour, and Pirates

Dear Amy

This week has been mad. As you know making friends is not my thing, but I've been lucky enough to have landed some brilliant room mates, one of whom is an ex-bartender and he's brilliant. He made us Amaretto sours last night, you would have liked them.

Today I signed up for some societies and got a slice of free pizza... I don't know how Domino's are affording it all cause there have been hundreds of students lining up for the stuff...
As you can probably guess by the title I signed up for Poker, Parkour (yay for broken bones!), and Pirate societies,  I have yet to find the gaming society and I will join the Ultimate Frisbee team tomorrow.

I also popped in to the book store to start looking for course books, and oh dear they are expensive first hand...and HUGE, imagine Clash Of Kings, but A4 size. I have to get a few of those, and you know I don't read fast.

Hope you're having a good week, I see you're going on some tour of Brighton or something of the sort today so enjoy.

Missing you



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