Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bonfires and My New Best Friend

Dear Jimbo,

I had always heard stories about Lewes' Bonfire Night celebrations. They are the biggest in the UK and every year attract thousands of people. I'd also heard the bad side of them, nighttime, fire and wild processions can sometimes lead to wild crowds and I noticed this year the event was highly policed, with riot vans on standby and all the windows of the shops boarded up! However, it went smoothly and everyone of all ages enjoyed the event.
 It starts with the Lewes bonfire societies each leading a procession, with their effigy they are going to burn, carrying flaming torches, dragging barrells of fire and throwing fire crackers. I couldn't believe the ages of the people in the wild, noisy processions- some of them were in prams and some in wheelchairs! it was so cool to see everyone of all ages enjoy themselves. Most of the societies dress up. This year there were pirates, tudors and devils!
 I'd never seen so much fire being carried round- it literally lit up the night and warmed the streets. 

 The societies also tote several buring crosses as a symbolism of their towns martyrs who died for their religion around the same time as Guy Fawkes attempt on parliament. 
 After the procession there are bonfires (sooooo huge!) and fireworks galore (and of course food stalls selly chips!)

 Above is me being warmed by the biggest bonfire I've ever seen in my life.

 After a night of excitement, we all headed home, sad to leave behind Lewes but I can't say I won't miss the smell of smoke. There was so much of it and crazy amounts of foggy clouds following the procession.

But as I walked up to my front door, I came face to face with a HUGE badger. Both badger and I froze. I was scared because a) he was huge and b) I have heard stories of vicious badgers attacking people. However  after 30 secs of staring at each other, the tubby little lad went back to his business and I was able to snap a few snaps of him. I got about 50cm away from him at one point and he didn't even mind! Craziness. I may have to go looking for him again tonight. I think we could be friends, me and this badger, hes going to be my photography model.

LOOK at him! So cute!

Missing you,

Amy x

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  1. Omg!! You are sooo lucky to have got so close to the badger!!! what a gorgeous animal!! hehe glad he /she looks like a wee tubby one! nice and cosy for winter :D

    That bonfire looked huge!!!

    Jen xxx