Sunday, 2 December 2012

You Don't Need 7's To Have A Team In Frisbee...


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, apparently uni life isn't that exciting sometimes...Plus I've had to do lab reports and actual degree stuff for some reason...

Yesterday, Frisbee training was brilliant. There may have only been 8 of us but that somehow made it such a laugh. First we did Hot Box, no drugs involved I swear, I believe it's a similar sort of thing to what you've done with the Mohawks. Basically, a tiny "End Zone" is set up, less than a metre squared in which points can only be scored. Surprisingly, it was challenging even with 3 vs 3 but it seemed to take into effect everything you would use in a normal game, especially finding space.
We then moved on to "The Drill from Hell" and this may sound simple, but it definitely deserves it's name. Three throwers with 2 discs would throw one at a time at a single player a few metres away giving a bit of challenge in each throw, be it to either side or above and below the player. The discs were thrown continuously for a minute and it almost killed me, especially since you have to concentrate on both throwing back each disc and where the next one is coming from.
After  a break we did stage one of Kung Fu Throwing. This is a very good exercise to work on throwing and accuracy, being paired up with the captain scared me a little because my accuracy is terrible and I have a terrible habit when throwing backhands that when trying to get rid of proves quite difficult and ends up in pathetic throws.
A small 4 vs 4 game was then set up which we somehow won with 11 points to 10 after conceding 7 points to our 1 at first... (During which I....well I don't really know how to say this but you'll understand...I had "Big D" at one point)

Anyway apparently our kitchen downstairs got trashed last night so I don't really know what I'm doing for dinner....Hungry Jimbo is a grumpy Jimbo....

Two weeks till Christmas break, I can't wait.




Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Three Month Thoughts

Dear Jimbo,

Long time no blog (you, not me!) just kidding, just kidding! Anyway, I wanted to update today and spread some of my 'three month thoughts' about long distance relationships where uni is involved.

Three Month Thoughts:

1. Technology makes it so easy these days- thank you Skype, whatsapp and Facebook.
2. But sometimes a good old letter (or postcard, like I sent you) is more thoughtful.
3. Photographs on Facebook can rouse thoughts of jealousy, sadness and make you miss your other half more- ignore them and communicate!
4. A railcard is a life saver when it comes to visiting.
5. Phone calls are essential- texts can become too clinical.
6. Both people in the relationship need to work hard at staying in touch.
7. Its hard, but not as hard as everyone makes out.
8. Don't listen to anyone else, its your relationship.
9. Understand that both parties have new lives, new friends and new interests- get to know these and let your other half get to know yours too.
10. Joint blogs are great ;)

If you'd like to blog any time soon Jimbo, we'll be waiting ;)

Missing you,

Amy x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Youtube Style (a Gangnam Style parody)

Dear Readers,

When you get an opportunity to be a part of a hilarious youtube project involving 14 other awesome youtubers, tubing everything from beauty to vlogging, video games to comedy sketches, you don't turn that down.

Jon Lovell (LoveJonLovell on youtube) was the brains behind the project and after many emails, dropbox sharing and filming, the video, our little baby, came together.

What is it you ask? Well, its a Gangnam Style parody video, of course! Its called 'Youtube Style' and its hilarious, well constructed and features some awesome people.

Watch it, like it and give it a share. I promise you won't regret it.

Click here to tweet about the video (a nice pre-constructed tweet for you!) and I'll be sure to retweet everyone that does!

Thank you

Amy x